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Managing Director

Minneapolis, MN
Position Profile: Managing Director
kpCompanies is leading the search for the Managing Director of the Minnesota Business Coalition for Racial Equity (MBCRE).  This position reports to the Tri-Chairs of the MBCRE Steering Committee, manages all aspects of day-to-day operations, oversees the budget, and acts as the external spokesperson for the MBCRE.  The Managing Director is responsible for developing and implementing the Coalition’s strategic plan on behalf of and at the direction of the MBCRE Steering Committee. The ideal candidate will have the proven leadership, commitment, and skills to grow and lead this new initiative by synthesizing the ideas and vision of the Steering Committee to appropriate action, infrastructure, and programs.
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Role type: Full Time 
Organization Overview
The Minnesota Business Coalition for Racial Equity (MBCRE) is a newly formed initiative whose mission is straightforward: Build an equitable, inclusive, and prosperous state with and for Black Minnesotans. The business led Coalition has over 80 organizations committed to fulfilling this mission.
  • The MBCRE is focused in four Pillars of work to overcome systemic issues impacting Black Minnesotans: Workplace; Policy; Philanthropy & Allyship. 
  • Workplace:  Creating opportunities for Black Minnesotans to find work, advance their careers and overcome systemic racism. 
  • Policy: Advocating for policy change and legislation that will improve the lives and provide the greatest benefit to the Black Minnesotans to overcome systemic racism.
  • Philanthropy: Supporting programs that drive equitable outcomes and programs that address systemic racism.
  • Allyship:  Educating and inspiring all Minnesotans to take direct action and get involved on behalf of Black Minnesotans to overcome systemic racism.
MBCRE is committed to working in a new way—Listen First.  Serve in Partnership. Take Collective Action.
The Position
The Managing Director will lead the MBCRE in implementing its mission, vision, core values, and strategic priorities. Key areas of responsibility are strategy, resource development, internal and external communications and advocacy, organizational culture, Steering Committee relations and support, financial management, and programs and operations development/oversight.
Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Lead vision and strategy development with the engagement of internal and external stakeholders; monitor implementation, including opportunities to celebrate accomplishments, reflect on lessons learned, and update plans as conditions change.
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with members, external stakeholders, Black led and/or Black focused organizations, and public policy makers, with an eye to potential strategic partnerships to increase resources and impact.
  • Remain abreast of trends that are shaping the operating environment, such as developments in philanthropy, public policy, demographics, technology, promising practices in social and economic services, and social justice work.
Resource Development
  • In partnership with the over 80 organizations representing MN businesses and the community, along with the Steering Committee, ensure a diversified fund development strategy and plan; and cultivate a Coalition-wide culture of philanthropy.
  • Partner with the Philanthropy Team in identifying, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding major donors.
  • Ensure that reporting and tracking requirements are met for all funding sources.
Membership Management
  • Identify membership targets and goals.
  • Attract new members when applicable. 
  • Ensure the retention of current members.
Communications & Advocacy
  • Ensure that the MBCRE’s mission, vision, core values and programs are represented in an accurate and compelling manner.
  • Actively promote the work of the organization through networking events, day-to-day meetings, and meetings with potential members, Steering Committee and Pillar leads, and external partners.
  • Provide strategic leadership for external relations including media relations, community relationships, and marketing; serve as MBCRE’s primary media spokesperson.
  • Ensure that the organization’s racial equity work is shared with the Black Community, community stakeholders and supporters.
  • Provide leadership in determining when and how to participate in public education and advocacy campaigns with partners; engage in advocacy to advance MBCRE’s mission and to work for systemic change.
Organizational Culture
  • Model and foster an organizational culture that reflects MBCRE’s core values.
  • Lead organizational development with attention to relationships and results.
  • Hire and develop staff and contractors as needed, ensuring opportunities for performance feedback and professional growth.
  • Ensure compliance with personnel policies and applicable HR laws.
Steering Committee and Support
  • Design and implement effective steering committee meetings and planning sessions.
  • Assist the Steering Committee with board recruitment, orientation, integration, and evaluation.
  • Ensure that the Steering Committee is well informed on critical issues.
  • Regularly update the Steering Committee on the organization’s racial equity work and support them in achieving their board-identified racial equity goals.
Financial Management
  • Ensure an appropriate accounting system.
  • Adherence to the organizations financial policies and sound management of all financial assets—including revenues, grants, investments, member dues, etc.
  • Creation of a sound annual budget for Steering Committee approval.
  • Regular review of financial statements by the Steering Committee.
  • Compliance with all funder requirements.
Programs and Operations Oversight
  • MBCRE has effective systems for understanding the needs of the Black Community and members.
  • Racial equity is incorporated within operations and programs.
  • Programs meet contractual requirements and are aligned with the organization’s mission, core values, and strategic priorities.
Candidate Profile
The ideal candidate will have experience building, growing, and developing programs in a mission driven organization.
  • 3 or more years of program development and administration experience including: program growth, planning, organizing, coordination, oversight, and success measurement.
  • At least 5 years of related job experience.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or at least 5 years of job-related experience.
  • Experience taking ideas to execution.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the systematic barriers that exists in systems serving Black Minnesotans.
  • Experience leading remote teams.
  • Inclusive partnering approach with experience both developing new and expanding existing partnerships.
  • Collaborative leaderships style comfortable working within ambiguity as needs evolve.
  • Comfortable navigating and maintaining diverse set of partnerships to achieve common objectives.
  • Ability to prioritize strategic initiatives while effectively managing day to day program needs.

How to Apply

If you are as excited about this position as we are and you are ready to formally submit an application please click the apply now button and/or submit a cover letter and resume to miquel@kpcompanies.com with the subject line MBCRE- Managing Director.

All submissions are held in the strictest confidence.

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