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Chief Transformation & Technology Officer

Saint Paul, Minnesota

kp prime search, the retained search division of kpCompanies is leading the search for the next Chief Transformation and Technology Officer for Bremer Bank. This newly created C-suite position will take on the responsibilities and oversight of operations and information technology, critically aligning technical and operational teams and leading Bremer’s digital technology transformation for business line segments and employees. Combined under executive leadership, this role will work in partnership with the digital and strategy teams to drive Bremer’s strategic priority focused on modernizing through digital, scaling for growth, and advancing organizational effectiveness and efficiencies via a customer-centric design.

Bremer Bank has been deeply invested in the communities it serves since its founding in 1943. Its commitment to making a real-world difference in the places where Bremer’s employees live and work began with its founder Otto Bremer. Otto believed that if banks helped businesses in good times and bad, communities would thrive. He was right! Today, Bremer Bank is proud to work with the people who grow our food, build our economy, and serve our neighbors. They offer banking, mortgage, investment, wealth management, trust, and insurance in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. 
Bremer Bank provides a comprehensive range of banking, mortgage, investment, wealth management, and insurance products and services throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Clients include small businesses, mid-sized corporations, agribusinesses, nonprofits, public and government entities, and individuals and families.

The Chief Transformation and Technology Officer role represents a compelling opportunity to create a business-focused and product-centric transformation in technology and operations, lead transformative delivery by operational and technology teams to effectuate a new and better employee experience and advance Bremer’s position as a modern organization, both for the purposes of attracting talent and driving the company’s competitiveness.

  • Lead digital technology transformation for employees and processes by assessing current state delivery and establishing a vision and roadmap to modernize the enterprise.
  • Identify key process opportunities to reduce organizational reliance on manual processes, shared spreadsheets/databases, and internal email communications by enhancing processes with new or existing technology platforms.
  • Advance and implement cloud-based, SaaS platforms driving improvement in organizational efficiency and performance in solutions including Office 365 and ServiceNow with the goal of consolidating multiple legacy systems into far fewer if not a singular system.
  • Collaborate with key leaders to transform and digitize enterprise processes within areas such as HR, Accounting and Finance, Risk Management, and physical delivery.
  • Establish Objectives and Key Results (“OKRs”) to track progress, create alignment, and encourage organizational and team engagement around measurable goals.
  • Direct executive ownership and strategic organizational guidance for key third-party relationships.
  • Lead a team of over 200 employees and managers along with budgetary responsibilities for key segments of the organization.
  • In partnership with CSO, advance the development of data analytic tools to capture, manage and share information across the organization to identify the cause-and-effect of different profit variables and identify new opportunities for growth.
  • In partnership with CFO, advance the development of accounting solutions and analytic capabilities to create a real-time view of performance across the organization, support better decision making, and oversee expenses and budgeting to help the organization optimize costs and benefits.
  • Formulate enterprise strategy in conjunction with executive team members.
  • Design policies, direct implementation of efficient processes and standards.
  • Oversee existing operational and technological infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, including streamlining internal operational delivery to create competitive customer differentiation.
  • Monitor advancements in technology to discover ways for the organization to gain competitive advantages.
  • Evaluate risk, lead quality assurance efforts, and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Combination of education and experience generally attained through a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree (preferred), and 15 years of experience involving technology, operations, and organizational transformation.
  • Prior enterprise cloud migration experience.
  • Significant experience leading operations optimization - lean manufacturing, six sigma expertise preferred.
  • Proven track record of success as a values-based leader with best-in-class communication, collaboration, and team development expertise.
  • Demonstrated success in creating and executing traditional and innovative change leadership and strategic transformation.
  • Demonstrated record of building strong internal and external partnerships.
Interested candidates should submit cover letter, resume, and salary expectations no later than 9:00pm on Sunday, February 21, 2021. You can apply in the following ways:
1.    Apply via email Joelle Allen at joelle@kpcompanies.com.
2.    Apply on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/talent/hire/450238010/job-post
3.    Apply via the kpcomanies website at https://kpcompanies.com/open-positions/
All submissions received in strictest confidence. Both kpCompanies and Minnesota Community Care are equal opportunity employers
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