Senior Pastor

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date Posted: 10-17-2018
Senior Pastor – Sanctuary Covenant Church (SCC) 

Position Profile 
"Wherever you are in life, you matter, and you have a purpose. We want to help you become the person God has created you to be. As you grow as a follower of Jesus, you’ll take steps in your journey. We want to help you take your next steps at Sanctuary." 
The Sanctuary Covenant Church (SCC), based in North Minneapolis, was founded by Rev. Efrem Smith as a vision of an urban, multi-ethnic, and holistic church built around a Christ-centered community. The inspiration behind SCC is driven by God and His inspirational word; through prayer, glory, and praise.  
The Church’s main intention is to authentically transform- and it all begins with the meeting of challenges head-on. By leading a community of diverse Christians that is committed to community transformation and working hand in hand with various community leaders, SCC can strategically achieve the vision of becoming the haven dedicated to breaking down issues and barriers that have become rampant in Minneapolis, specifically North Minneapolis, which one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Minnesota. SCC’s mission is to make and develop followers of Jesus Christ. We believe the love of God through Jesus is transformational. It’s the driving force behind everything we do. We believe God’s love will change your life, your family, our community and world.  
The Position: Senior Pastor 
The Senior Pastor of SCC will implement the vision and provide pastoral leadership for the staff and congregation through preaching, teaching, development, planning, implementation and administration. Our congregation desires a faith-based, transparent, highly ethical leader that will follow God’s direction and share Word based teachings that nurtures our spiritual growth, enables us to consistently live out the kingdom’s values, and fully operate using our spheres of influence. Our next Senior Pastor will diligently attend to and fully utilize the skills of our highly seasoned associate pastors, staff, members and resources. 
Key Accountabilities: 
Vision Casting and Implementation 
  • Work collaboratively with Elder Board, staff, congregation, and volunteers to discern and implement God’s vision for our next stage of spiritual and operational growth.  
  • Be dependent and obedient on the Holy Spirit’s guidance to provide and implement a strategic vision that fulfills the needs of the North Minneapolis and its global communities, ensuring that the lost experience of God and the hurting are fully restored.  
  • Faithfully and skillfully preach the Word of God with Spirit-filled energy which will educate, inspire and lead the congregation to be disciples of Jesus Christ, living out the good news as beloved Community of God.  
  • Call the congregation to personal faith in Christ, repentance, spiritual growth, service and evangelism through preaching and teaching biblical truth. 
  • Equip and motivate the congregation to spread the Good News to their families, their communities, and the world by word and deed.  
  • Support and encourage the congregation in understanding and participating in the whole mission of the Church, as well as being agents of positive change- upholding themes of social justice issues. (Matthew 28:16-20, Luke 4: 16-30)  
  • Administer the sacraments of Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper and officiate at other services of the church (child dedication, weddings, funerals, consecration of short-term mission teams, etc).  
People Development 
  •  Enhance the cross-cultural collaboration amongst staff and ministry teams to build upon previous success. 
  • Develop mentoring relationships as opportunities allow, and continue the work of eradicating racism and bias at every level
  • Facilitate the personal and spiritual development of paid and volunteer staff and the congregation.  
  • Ensure prayer (both individual and corporate) is foundational and integrated into all aspects of our ministry.  
  • Guide the spiritual and personal development of the staff and lay leadership.  
  • Leverage the gifts, skills, interests, and passions of staff and lay leaders to ensure ministry excellence and faithfulness. 
  • Be able to interpret the Bible and relate the preachings to a multiracial and multicultural setting. Possess a firm foundation in the Word of God and be able to build a philosophy of ministry within our church based on Biblical principles.  
  • Ensure that persons in need within our congregation receive pastoral care and visitation; refer people to professional counselors as needed.  
  • Have a broad understanding and sympathetic appreciation of the various faith traditions within Christianity and the various ways Christians worship, including an ability to participate enthusiastically in both traditional and contemporary worship forms. 
  • Ensure church operations (including budget, finances, investments, talent management, volunteers) are effective and smooth. 
  • The staff will report to the senior pastor, who will in turn delegate administrative responsibilities as appropriate and needed.  
  • Oversees the planning and implementation of all worship services and experiences.  
  • Oversees the day to day supervision and team-building of the pastoral, ministry, and all other staff, providing direction, feedback, and spiritual nurture.  
  • Ensures professional development of team ministry, lead church staff meetings and supervise pastoral staff.  
  • Oversees church governance, providing pastoral leadership while still respecting our congregational polity, and the elected authority of our Elders.  
  • Work with the Elder Board to set budget, management of key congregational processes, and coaching to staff.  
  • Attend meetings, e.g. monthly Elder Board meetings and other ministry/leadership meetings as appropriate. 
Requirements: Proven Ability to Demonstrate the Following Personal Values  
  • A commitment to maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God. 
  • A strong personal faith grounded in a life of prayer, study and application of the Scriptures, and a close community of accountability with other believers.
  • A deep spiritual and growing Christ-centered relationship. 
  • Demonstrate a conscious commitment and lifestyle that recognizes the image of God Imago Dei in all of humanity and live a life that rejects bias, racial prejudice and other social habits and practices that diminish or belittle.  
  • Emotional maturity and ethical congruence. 
  • Respectful and trust building behaviors.
  • Common sense, practical and realistic decision-making. 
  • Emotionally healthy, ensuring persons in our church and in the community can view in high regard.  
  • An exemplary Christian life, modeling the attitudes, feelings, values, enthusiasm, and dedication, which are desired in the personal and spiritual development of all persons within our congregation. 
  • Demonstrates high levels of cultural competency.
  • Production of spiritual fruits and full use of spiritual gifts to complete responsibilities.  
  • Live a life of integrity in all you do. 
  • Project management, consistent follow through.  
  • Lessons learned through failure.  
  • God centered balance of personal needs, professional demands, and spiritual health and growth. 
Work Experience Requirements:  
  • Minimum of seven years of pastoral experience, including experience supervising staff. 
  • Prefer five years of senior pastor experience.  
  • Demonstrable experience leading a ministry in African American communities.
  • Demonstrated effective teaching, counseling, organizational, management, and communication (verbal and written) skills.  
  • Strong interpersonal skills that relate to people of all ages plus a good sense of humor. 
  • Passion for cultivating relationships.  
  • Demonstrated ability in working cross-culturally within the Body of Christ (i.e., across race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status.)  
  • Experience leading/facilitating multi-ethnic, multigenerational groups.  
  • Ability to organize and implement multiple ministry models.  
  • Ability to effectively handle multiple tasks – prioritize, plan and execute.  
  • Flexible and able to plan activities for a variety of settings.  
  • Ability to effectively manage change and lead others through change and transition.  
  • Ability to manage conflict and influence others in a collaborative and engaging style. 
Denomination Alignment and Commitment 
  • Be supportive of and committed to the ministries of the Evangelical Covenant Church and the Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.  
  • Committed to the affirmations of the Evangelical Covenant Church and the stated mission, vision and purpose of Sanctuary Covenant Church.  
  • Be ordained or seek ordination in the Evangelical Covenant Church, be a member of the Covenant Ministerium, and follow the Rules for the Ordered Ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church.  
  • Information about the Evangelical Covenant Church is available at
  • Ordination, ministerium and Rules for the Ordered Ministry may be found by following the “Denominational Ministries” link and Department of Ministry.  
Additional Preferred Qualifications  
• New Testament requirements of the pastoral office  
• Preferred MDiv from accredited seminary  
• Commitment to lifelong learning 
How to apply:  
Interested candidates should upload their cover letter, resume, and salary expectations to our website’s job posting: SCC Sr. Pastor Calling. Any additional questions can be directed to All submissions shall be received in strictest confidence. SCC is an equal opportunity employer.  Membership in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) is not required to apply, however it will be expected upon hire.
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