Executive Director -- African American Leadership Forum

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date Posted: 02-20-2018
Executive Director—African American Leadership Forum (AALF)
Position Profile
The Organization:  African American Leadership Forum (AALF), Minneapolis, MN
AALF is a movement of more than 1200 African American leaders in the Twin Cities united to address challenges, create solutions and build a vibrant and sustainable community.  
AALF, founded in 2007, by a few passionate and accomplished individuals whose internal compass led them to start, grow and drive.  AALF’s Mission is to establish a just and healthy society that works equally well for everyone. Its work encompasses the following subject area priorities:
  1. Advance culturally sensitive, trauma-informed mental health care;
  2. Promote preventive health care and healthy lifestyles;
  3. Promote access to healthy food and environment
  1. Supporting the growth of AA owned businesses;
  2. Eliminating the racial employment gap
  1. 3. Develop wealth creation through home   ownership, financial literacy, and economic stability
  1. Parent, family and community support;
  2. Demand for effective teachers and school leaders
  3. Support the growth of high quality AA educational institutions
The Position:  Executive Director
The Executive Director provides leadership, vision, direction, and administration for the AALF in fulfilling its mission.  The Executive Director is the primary representative of the agency in the community and is directly responsible for its success. This is a full-time, exempt position reporting to the Board Chair, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors. 
Key Accountabilities:
  • Guides and leads the Board of Directors (Board) into effectively developing and executing strategic plans.  Informs the Board members and Chair(s) of programs, funding, and organizational changes.  Prepares agenda and monthly reports for Board. 
  • Oversees and directs the day-to-day operations, implements and administers policies and procedures.
  • Leads the planning process. Ensures that the organization’s values show up consistently in the organizations culture and way of working. Ensures that annual and long-range plans are developed and implemented, and that goals and objectives are achieved. Formulates plans for Board approval and administers major policies. Demonstrates leadership through strategic planning.
  • Responsible for fund development, including fundraising and grant writing.  Maintains current funding sources and seeks new and diversified sources of income. Ensures that data collection, compilation, analysis, projection, statistics, and records are maintained on all contracts and grants.  Prepares and presents periodic reports on activities and special reports as needed.
  • Makes sound decisions.  Demonstrates an ability to make decisions on issues within or impacting the Executive Director’s sphere of responsibility and authority; informs the Board of significant decisions prior to their implementation; makes sound financial and operational decisions in a timely manner.
  • Directs Fiscal Management. Responsible for the Association’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. Oversees financial planning and forecasting, prepares and implements an annual budget to ensure achievement of the Association’s goals, and ensures that funds are allocated properly to reflect current needs and future demands. Manages and monitors budgets across departmental lines.
  • Approves and monitors, with the Treasurer and AALF Accounting firm all financial and accounting activities for the agency. Prepares the annual budget in collaboration with the Board Treasurer and Executive Committee. Serves as the primary signatory of all contracts and agreements involving the agency.  Implements systems of internal controls to safeguard funds; ensures fiscal accounting and reporting in accordance with standards of accounting for nonprofit entities. 
  • Oversees Human Resource Administration. Ensures that effective staff members and consultants are in place and functioning to their fullest potential. Provides leadership for Equal Employment Opportunity in all areas of employment according to national, state, and local personnel standards, guidelines, and laws. Ensures compliance with applicable laws, including State and City certifications. Maintains a climate that attracts, retains, and motivates high quality individuals, both professional, members and volunteer.
  • Maintains compliance with regulators and funders by monitoring operations and initiating changes where required.  Ensures ongoing evaluation of service programs and involvement of service recipients in evaluation and program planning.  Fosters an efficient operation through timely and effective resolution of grievances of service recipients and employees.
  • Oversees community relations. Develops and maintains sound relationships with other foundations and philanthropic entities, community organizations, religious organizations, planning agencies, funding agencies, government agencies and officials and other groups/coalitions as appropriate. Serves as spokesperson for the organization and ensures that it is properly presented to its various stakeholders.
  • Serves as a spokesperson and representative for the organization to foster superior community relations with other agencies, clients, financial supporters, and the media.  Directs and participates personally in a continuing program of public relations designed to achieve the best possible public understanding, acceptance and support; fulfills speaking engagements and writes articles and reports on subjects related to issues which concern the agency and its constituency.  Creates other effective outlets to represent the agency. 
  • Demonstrates effective problem solving.  Evaluates and anticipates any issues/problems that may arise both internally and externally.  Rapid resolution of issues is identified and executed.
  • Represents the organization at national, state, and local meetings, conferences, and conventions as required.  Attends related regularly scheduled or ad hoc meetings as appropriate.  Maintains professional affiliations to enhance professional growth and development and to keep up with the latest trends in agency administration. 
  • Develops and/or seeks out programs that respond to identified community and constituent needs; ensures that programs are properly administered in a fiscally sound manner and audits program performance to ensure efficacy.
  • Serves as community advocate for constituents. Participates in policy development and debate affecting constituents and stakeholders.  Keeps abreast of legislation affecting constituents. 
  • Performs other duties as directed.
  • Undergraduate degree. 
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in business management, personnel management, fundraising, strategic planning, fiscal management, program development and administration. 
  • Two years of experience working with a volunteer Board or other demonstrated community leadership experience. 
  • Proven track record in successful personnel, fiscal and fundraising management.
  • Significant experience with direct responsibility for financial budgeting and oversight of budgets of $1M+ organization. 
  • Strong relationship development and leadership capabilities.
  • Ability to engage the media and sustain government and public support for the agency. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, sensitivity to cultural and personal diversity.
  • Proven track record of working with individuals and organizations in the African American community, preferably in the Twin Cities. 
  • Masters Degree and/or other Professional designation.
  • Experience leading, driving and achieving initiatives that support African American Equality.
  • Knowledge of equity programs, leadership and empowerment, elimination of racism or a related mission is highly desired.
  • Experience in research, public and community education, the development, implementation and evaluation of programs, and management of volunteers.
How to apply
Interested candidates should apply online and submit cover letter, resume, and salary expectations to: AALF, Search Committee Chair, c/o kp companies at the following email address:  miquel@kpcompanies.com by March 16th, 2018 deadline.  All submissions shall be received in strictest confidence. AALF is an equal opportunity employer.
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